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Products Servies

Gravure Printing Rollers
Top of the line machine from Europe & USA is used for film less Digital Engraving on the Cylinder. After viewing the final layout including press marks through a platter printout. The digital file is transferred to engraver. The technically advanced engraving machine have the capability to generate different cell profiles and the provision of using user defined gamma levels, thereby ensuring exact reproduction for specialized application

Graphic and Prepress service                            

Our digital pre-press department uses a specialized packaging and planning software to meet gravure printing requirements. The software is last word in techniques like color separation, auto trapping, bar code generation. Highly experienced and foreign trained professional spin their magic on color calibrated monitors for optimum halftone result. Besides this, exclusive software are used for making wall papers, wood grain and texture design cylinder

Decorative print cylinder                                     

State of art facility for developing wood grains, stone grains & table cloth design for decorative purpose.


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