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Our Facilities

To Make Sure Engraving Meet International Standards

Dynamically Balanced Base Shells With Accurate

Thickness and Hardness are Passed Through The

Technical Expertise of High Precision Imported



The Base Shells Then Undergo a Sophisticated

Multistage Galvanic Process on the State Of

Fully Automated Environment Friendly Galvanic

Line From MDC Daetwyler , Switzerland,   . Here

They are De-greased To Get Rid Of Dust ,Oil ,

Dirt or Any Other Foreign Particles Before

A Uniform Electroplating Of Alkaline And


A High Precision Digitally Controlled   MDC

Daetwyler Polish Master, Durostar & CFM

From Kasper Walter, Germany   with an Accuracy

Of 10 Sqm is Used to Achieve Accurate and

Mirror Surface that is required for Electronic

Engraving   On the  Cylinder.

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