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Our Profile

HI – TECH Graphics is fully integrated engraved cylinder manufacturing unit located at 6th October with the capacity to produce 12,000 printing cylinders annually, consisting of state of the art Technology coupled with trusted service and technical expertise.

Top of the line machines from Europe & USA are used for Filmless Digital Engraving on the cylinder. The diamond stylus of Engraver produces up to 5000 – 8500 cells per second during the high speed process of engraving to meet varied printing requirements.

Accuracy of engraving in terms of cell geometry (cell width, cell wall and depth) for each cylinder is ensured. Hard Chrome Electroplating is finally done on the engraved cylinder to meet the gravure printing requirement. Engravers are used both on hollow and shafted Cylinders up to 1600mm length and 900mm circumference.


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